Wellness Coordinators: Are You Allergic the Positive Side of Health?

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The attention of health and health professionals now is on disorder and issues – in other words, what is wrong (adverse health). Would not you be focusing rather on positive health, or in other words, what is proper?

Health Today

Health now has a disorder focus – a focus on risk reduction, prevention, avoidance and therapy for illness, infirmity and disability. This focus stems, undoubtedly, from medication and its particular focus on pathogenesis, that is the analysis of the source of illness. In a pathogenic version – health is measured by the prevalence of health or disease related issues. Success at the pathogenic version is quantified by the avoidance or elimination of issues, ailments and early death.

Health is frequently portrayed as being a continuum, with one end being early departure and the other end being health. The mid-point of this continuum is frequently described as being a neutral point where no discernible disease or health can be discovered. If achievement in the pathogenic version is that the avoidance or elimination of issues or disorder, then achievement in this event that this doesn’t produce a state of health, but rather a stage there’s not any celiac disease or health. The improvement of the motion towards health would subsequently require that willful, specific concrete actions to be taken.

The requirement of carrying deliberate, concrete actions to attain optimum wellness, positive wellbeing or higher level wellness could be consistent with what researchers have discovered in different locations. Scientists have revealed that removing negatives alone doesn’t, in and of itself, produce positive problems. Some examples which show what I am saying will comprise:

• Herzberg who revealed that removing dissatisfaction Doesn’t create satisfaction

• Compton who revealed that removing depression Doesn’t create joy

• Seligman who revealed that mental health Wasn’t the mere absence of mental illness

• Becker and colleagues that revealed that stopping disease Doesn’t create positive Wellness

Rather than aiming for a return to neutral or the status quo, a focus on positive wellbeing moves our attention on results that surpass our expectations, in other words, our idealized results.

Positive Wellness

Favorable health has its origins in the salutogenesis version. Salutogenesis provides a methodology and focus to detect and produce the causes or roots of positive wellness. Salutogenesis complements pathogenesis by functioning to maximize health and well-being via constant and endless advancement. Salutogenesis is all about how to include positive activities, opportunities, requirements and results to move us beyond the neutral stage to greater, positive amounts.

Favorable wellness is a deliberate consciouly created energetic state. Favorable health has also beed described as well-being, flourishing or flourishing.

To attain and continually improve positive health, a supportive, nurturing and inviting environment has to be knowingly and thoughtfully developed and continually enhanced. This inviting and nurturing environment is an essential ingredient in the behaviour change procedure.

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